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Assistive Technology Program

Our assistive technology program offers financial assistance for individuals in the State of Texas who have trouble communicating due to a disability. To qualify for this program, you must be at least 5 years old and have one of the following disabilities:

  • Blind

  • Deaf

  • Hard of Hearing

  • Visually Impaired

  • Speech Impaired

  • Upper Mobility Impaired

This program aims to provide basic specialized assistive equipment or services to those who most need it. Don't let your disability hold you back; reach out to us for help in communicating better.

Return Policy 

The recipient has 30 days to return the device, which must be in the same condition as it was received. The device must be returned in its original box, complete with all accessories and the instruction manual.

1. Where can I redeem my voucher for the assistive technology program?

After receiving your voucher, you can schedule an appointment with The Next Step, Inc. to exchange it for your specialiaed assitive equipment or service.

2. How to apply for this program?

Contact Representative for information on how to apply.

3. Will I receive my device immediately? 

The State of Texas may take up to six months to process yout application. Once approved, you will receive a voucher by mail.

4. It is necessary to disclose my social security number or legal status during the application process?

No, providing your social security number or legal status is not necessary to apply. However, since the program is exclusive to Texas residents, applicants must show proof of redsidency in the State of Texas.

5. Can this program impact my government assistance? 

This program is solely funded by the State of Texas and will not impact ant federal or local governement assistance you are currently receiving.

6. It is possible for other members of my household to receive a device? 

If someone in the same household has a different disability from the original applicant, they may receive a different device based on their needs. However, if a minor has the same disability as the parent who applied for the program and is requesting the same equipment, the request will be denied as the child is a minor Similarly, if someone in the same household has the same disability but is financially dependent, they will not be eligible for the same device.

7. Haven't received your voucher yet? 

Contact the representative or facility where you signed up.

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