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Digital Access Programs

Next Step, Inc strives to remove barriers that prevent communities from accessing digital tools and technologies.  Next Step, Inc works closely with community leaders, community centers, healthcare professionals, and educational institutions to raise awareness of programs and provide digital access to the elderly, disabled individuals, and individuals who live in underserved communities.

Assistive Technology Program

We work with the State of Texas to provide financial assistance to purchase basic specialized assistive equipment or services for individuals who have a disability that interferes with their ability to communicate. Click Here to see if you qualify.


PC's for People

We have partnered with PCs for People to connect qualifying individuals with quality refurbished desktops, laptops, and internet service. Visit to see available products and prices.

Stock Computer

Houston County Public Library (HCPL) 

Harris County Public Library members can borrow a wifi hotspot and chrome book through HCPL Connected. Contact your local Harris County library for more information. 

School Library
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