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Online Training Programs

Since 1983, The Next Step, Inc. (TNSI) has offered various initiatives and skills development programs to assist socially and economically disadvantaged Texans. These programs develop skills essential for daily living, career transition, and workforce reentry. Participants must be 18+ and live in the United States. 

Current Programs

Microsoft Office Basics 

Length: 10 days
Delivery: Online (English and Spanish) or Hybrid (English only)    Cost: $120, (or) request financial assistance

Microsoft Office Basics introduces Word and Excel while strengthening emotional intelligence skills essential in any office environment (remote, in-office, or hybrid). Participants will learn by creating a resume, job search spreadsheet, and action plan to address work challenges. 

After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Boost proficiency in Word and Excel

  • Develop professional skills, including emotional intelligence

  • Practical learning activities like resume writing and spreadsheet creation

  • Learn to tackle workplace challenges effectively

  • Create new documents and spreadsheets

  • Format pages and text

  • Sort and filter data in a spreadsheet

  • Apply AutoSum and write a formula 

For the full learning plan, refer to the Program Syllabus

Answers to most program questions can be found in the TNSI Student Handbook

Need more information?  

Contact an advisor 

Program Design

Short & Sweet

We believe participants learn best by doing. That is why our programs deliver bite-sized lessons that end with a small, hands-on project.


We offer online and hybrid sessions:

  • Online sessions are 100% online.

  • Hybrid sessions require one in-person class weekly and all other learning activities online. 

Live Assistance

We are committed to your learning. That is why group coaching events are offered on video chat twice a week at different times during the day. 

Program Eligibility

Participants will need the following:


  1. Be 18 years old or older.

  2. Have basic computer skills: how to use a computer, open a computer application, use the internet, and 
    send and receive emails. Check your skills by taking the NorthStar Digital Literacy
    Basic Computer Skills test

  3. Commit to attending one coaching session each week. *Online sessions are recommended to attend two 
    per week.

  4. Access to a computer with active internet. 


Need a computer and low-cost internet?

We have partnered with PCs for People to connect qualifying individuals with quality refurbished desktops, laptops, and internet service. Visit to see available products and prices.


“No matter what your skillset was before with Microsoft, you’re going to learn a lot of new things. It’s very user-friendly, the staff are all helpful, so no matter your skillset you’ll be able to go through the program and succeed. I would encourage anyone to join.”

J. Mackenzie

“I’m really proud about being a part of the program because not only am I helping myself learn but, I’m also giving back to my community.”

A. Leon

“This program has given me the confidence I need to actually use [Microsoft skills] in my career going forward and have the confidence to put it on my resume and say ‘Yes, I am able to do this’.”

J. Sibley

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