Online Professional Skills Development Trainings

Since 1983, The Next Step, Inc. (TNSI) has offered various initiatives and skills development programs to assist socially and economically disadvantaged Texans. These programs develop skills essential for daily living, career transition, and workforce reentry. 

Online Class

Current Programs

Microsoft Office Basics 

Lengths: 10 days

Maximum Participants: 30 

Group Coaching Sessions: 8:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 5:30 pm

Cost: $75 (or) request financial assistance

Microsoft Office Basics is designed to introduce Word and Excel while strengthening emotional intelligence skills essential for working from home. Participants will learn through the creation of a resume and job tracking spreadsheet. Emotional intelligence will be sharpened through real-world, workplace scenarios.

After this program, participants will be able to perform these basic business tasks in Word and Excel:

  1. Create new documents and spreadsheets

  2. Format pages and text

  3. Sort and filter data in a spreadsheet

  4. Apply AutoSum and write a formula 

Need more information? 

Contact an advisor or call (832) 534 - 3821

Program Design & Eligibility

Programs are delivered online at a class pace. Participants keep pace with the class by completing scheduled learning activities each day. This allows participants to learn during a time of day convenient to them. 

Group coaching sessions guide and support participants through the learning process. These sessions are student-focused and offered at various times to accommodate schedules. Participants join sessions through video conferencing once a week.

Participants will need the following to fully benefit from instruction:


  1. Basic computer operating skills and ability to navigate the internet.

  2. Commitment to participate in one coaching session per week.

  3. Access to a personal device (tablet or computer) with a video camera and active internet access.  


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The instruction was very flexible and did not make a huge impact on my schedule. I found it very easy to accomplish each assignment from day to day.

B. Davis

"He [the coach] was very supportive as my time is quite limited. Thank you for your great support, very good job." 

C. Rangel

"Gave me more confidence and abilities to complete my work efficiently. I was encouraged to ask as many questions as I needed so that I could understand the program. She [the instructor] worked very well with my schedule, very accommodating."

J. Hudson