Financial Assistance

The Next Step, Inc. has two scholarship opportunities available for the Professional Skills Development Program:

  • Partial scholarships— individuals working less than full-time, or self-employed and seeking job development may qualify for a reduced program cost. Some examples are:

    • You are working less than full-time and experiencing a recent hardship.

    • You are self-employed and need job development training. 

  • Full scholarships— individuals experiencing hardship and seeking job development may qualify. Some examples of hardship are: 

    • You are the head of household and recently became unemployed.

    • You currently receive state assistance (TANF, SNAP, etc.) and recently became unemployed.

If you are experiencing one of the above or a different type of hardship, you are encouraged to request a full scholarship.

Scholarships are limited and not available for every session. Complete the form below to request a scholarship. Requests can take up to 14 business days to review and must be submitted before registering for a program.

Scholarship Request Form