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Digital Access Programs

The Next Step, Inc. aims to eliminate obstacles that hinder communities from utilizing digital tools and technologies. We collaborate closely with community leaders, community centers, healthcare professionals, and educational institutions to promote awareness of programs and offer digital access to underserved communities, disabled individuals, and the elderly.

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The Next Step, Inc. is an approved vendor for the Texas Education Agency - Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) program. Parents/guardians of eligible students served by special education and enrolled in a Texas public school are granted a one-time $1,500 online grant to obtain technology devices and/or services. Click Here to see if you qualify. Click Here to browse approved devices.

Technology for the Disabled

Our organization partners with the State of Texas to help people who have disabilities that affect their ability to communicate. The Program offers financial assistance to buy special equipment or services that can make communication easier. Click Here to see if you qualify.

Get Access to Affordable Technology.

We've teamed up with PCs for People to help eligible individuals get access to affordable refurbished desktops, laptops, and internet service. You can check out the available products and prices by visiting

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