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Microsoft Office Basics: A college student's review

A 2016 Pew Research Center article states that most Americans seek additional personal and professional development. 87% of continuing education learners say they felt more capable and well-rounded. Shakeydra Alexander is one such learner. 

As a college student, Shakeydra knew it was important to have strong technology skills. But when she found The Next Step, Inc., she understood the value and how it could impact her life.

Program Graduate: Shakeydra Alexander

"I come from a sheltered background, so I had a lot of learning to do," says Shakeydra. Shakeydra is curious and always looking for new information and experiences. Her interest and desire to grow her knowledge led her to search for ways to improve her technology skills. However, her goal was larger than that. She also wanted to gain knowledge to help with her educational journey and personal life. So why exactly did Shakeydra choose Microsoft Office Basics as her training?

"What convinced me was the opportunity to receive a free Google Certificate Scholarship. Not many people do that." Shakeydra was aware of the potential benefits of mastering Microsoft Office Basics. She knew this could unlock a Google Certificate scholarship. Earning the certificate would give her valuable skills for her studies and future career, making her more marketable to employers. Shakeydra was determined to grab this opportunity. She worked hard to master Microsoft Office Basics and received the Google Career Certificate Scholarship.

Shakeydra also wanted to learn skills that would be useful in her personal life. "I felt like it [the program] was a good opportunity because I'm going to take the tools that I learned from the [program] with me, through all my life really." Shakeydra shared that she can now incorporate the knowledge she's gained into her everyday life. How so? "I actually just had a job interview and one of the skills that I needed was computer software skills. I mentioned that I did complete this [program] and it has helped me significantly. That made them more comfortable with considering me for the position." What were her emotions in response to this opportunity? "That was like a relief," she says. By joining Microsoft Office Basics, Shakeydra has enhanced her marketability to employers in today's work industry. With her Microsoft Office Basics certificate, she can prove she's committed to continuous learning and self-improvement, which employers value. Her willingness and dedication to learning will help her thrive in the workplace. 

Like most students, Shakeydra's college experience came with challenges. The Next Step, Inc. helped Shakeydra address and overcome her obstacle. Shakeydra explains: "I'm a college student, and we use Microsoft Word for everything. It can be a challenge sometimes because I don't know what I don't know. A lot of the things that I didn't know or that I wasn't taught, I was taught in the [program]. I don't have to go and Google things… because I figured out how to do it by taking this [program]." She describes the Microsoft Office Basics program as "Understandable, Organized, and Knowledgeable." Shakeydra explained the benefits she experienced during the program: "It's very convenient and it's so easy to catch on to." "The course wasn't a long course. It didn't cost a lot of money, it didn't stress me out, and it's still providing me with opportunities that I need to better myself in the future." 

Microsoft Office Basics fit Shakeydra's needs, and it can align with yours too. As it has proven true for Ms. Alexander, the Microsoft Office Basics online program can help you learn the skills employers are looking for, making you a more competitive candidate for jobs. Shakeydra is on track to succeed in her studies, career, and personal life. You can do it too! Consider following Ms. Alexander's advice: "Just go for it. Because you don't know what you don't know and there's always room to learn more."

Microsoft Office Basics & Google Career Certificate Program: Two continuing education opportunities

Microsoft and Google are two of the leading technology companies in the world. The Next Step Inc. is working hard to provide Microsoft Word & Excel training while partnering with Google to offer scholarships to qualifying participants. Both programs teach skills essential for career development. Microsoft Office Basics is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics of Microsoft Word & Excel, develop their emotional intelligence skills, and explore new opportunities. After completing the program with an 80% or higher, students are offered a Google Career Certificate Scholarship. This Google program trains students to work in any of the following fields: data analytics, digital marketing & e-commerce, IT support, project management, cybersecurity, and UX design. The Next Step Inc. helps students transition smoothly from one program to the next.

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