Resume Tips to Make You Standout (2022)

The Guide To Building a Standout Resume – everything you need to know

Resume Tips to Standout

We understand a lot has changed during the pandemic. What has not changed is the need for a resume to get an interview. It can be hard to know where to start. Many ask, "How many pages should my resume be?" Or "How many bullet points should each job experience have?" Ask no more!

Here are key questions this article answers:

What is the Purpose of a Resume?

How Many Pages Should a Resume be?

What font to use on a resume?

Can you use colors on a resume?

What to Know Before Writing your Resume?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

How to Prepare for Writing your Resume?

What to Include on a Resume?


What is the Purpose of a Resume?

The purpose of a resume is to introduce your knowledge, skills, and abilities to potential employers. It is a way to sell yourself and tell your professional story. Bragging about your accomplishments, experience, and more is encouraged. Writing your own resume helps you recall workplace successes and identify strengths to make you an excellent interviewer. A resume should lead to an interview.

Commonly Asked Questions About Resumes

How many pages should a resume be?

A resume should be no longer than one or two pages on average. However, aim for one page if you hand your resume to a physical person.

What font to use on a resume?

The most commonly used font for resumes is Arial. Some other fonts used on resumes are Times New Roman and Calibri.

Can you use colors on a resume?

Yes, you can use colors on your resume. Color is good for drawing attention to subheadings or a certain group of informa