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Free Assistive Technology Devices

For All Who Qualify
About the Program

The assistive technology program provides financial assistance to purchase basic specialized assistive equipment or services for individuals who live in the State of Texas and have a disability that interferes with their ability to communicate.

How to Qualify

The applicant must be at least 5 years old, live in the State of Texas, and have one of the following disabilities:

  • Blind

  • Deaf

  • Hard of Hearing

  • Visually Impaired

  • Speech Impaired

  • Upper Mobility Impaired

How To Apply

Contact Us for more details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Will I receive my device immediately?

No. It may take up to 6 months for the State of Texas to approve your application. Applicants will receive approval in the mail in the form of a voucher.

Do I have to give my social security number or legal status to apply?

No. Social security numbers or legal status are not required. However, the program is for Texas residents only, therefore applicants are required to provide proof they reside in the State of Texas.

Will participating in this program affect my government assistance?

No. This program is funded by the State of Texas.  It is not associated, nor will it affect any federal or local government assistance you are receiving. 

Can others in my household receive a device?

If an individual has a different disability from the original applicant, they can receive a different device.

If an individual in the same household has the same disability they are eligible to receive the same device ONLY if they are "Financially Independent"

If a minor has the same disability as the parent who signed the application and is also requesting the same type of equipment that the parent received, the child's request for a voucher would be denied because the child is a minor.

It has been longer than 6 months, and I still have not received my voucher.

Contact the representative or facility where you signed up OR Contact the State Office.

***If it has been one year from the date the application is processed, applicants must complete another application.***

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